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The protein interaction result in the pressent website was downloaded from plant.MAP . We only mapped wheat uniport id to IWGSC RefSeq v1.1 annotation.

According to McWhite, CF-MS scores > 0.5 correspond to ~90% true positive rate; scores > 0.2 correspond to ~50% true positive rate.
If you use these protein interaction results, please also cite:
McWhite, C. D., Papoulas, O., Drew, K., Cox, R. M., June, V., Dong, O. X., Kwon, T., Wan, C., Salmi, M. L., Roux, S. J., Browning, K. S., Chen, Z. J., Ronald, P. C., & Marcotte, E. M. (2020). A Pan-plant Protein Complex Map Reveals Deep Conservation and Novel Assemblies. Cell, S0092-8674(20)30226-9. Advance online publication.